GatorJax by Mikel

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    January 31, 2023 10:36 AM CST

    Hello folks.
    Just a little about

    We are similar to other social media sites but with one exception. I have a tough hard as nails security team led by Stephanie, (seriously, you dont want to mess with her, Oh No no no ) with a zero tolerance policy. Even im scared of them and im the boss.


    So about my site. Its where adults and children can play and post and just have a jolly fun time posting their rubbish (ooops- did i say that out loud) i meant very interesting thoughts and comments, videos, and recipes and even selling their junk. But its not just for people, Businesses can also join.

    We want to create a truely safe place for people unlike other sites.
    So all members (regular and businesses) are ID checked as we dont like anonymity and bogus businesses. Anonymity creates Trolls and online abuse. We are stamping that out to create the UKs only trusted and fully registered SMC (social media company) and vetted by Gov. NPCC, ICO, Ofcom. Which takes a long time and many weeks and months of meetings, checks, inspections, reports.


    As long as members stick to the rules, we can all have fun, Break the rules and its Asta Lavista Baby...


    Il stop chatting now. my fingers are complaining.




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    January 31, 2023 4:16 PM CST

    Hi Mikel and what a great introduction on Gator Jax.  I'm glad you have a strong moderator that handles all of the challenging stuff too.


    You have done a lot to make your website a premier safe haven for families and businesses in the UK. I'm sure, given enough time the US will be implementing similar requirements.  Safety is so important with great members.  There's reasons for rules and nothing worse than bullying, trolls and online abuse.


    Congrats on your progress and meeting your goals by the requirements of the SMC, NPCC, ICO, and Ofcom and thank you for sharing GatorJax with us.


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    February 1, 2023 8:47 AM CST

    Trust me , its not easy.
    Ive got a great team led by trusted people. I know i can be away and things will still get done as required.

    Been a few hicups along the way but the regulators set us right with help and advice and good encouragement. They see what we want to achieve and know we are trying and working with each other. Thats the main thing.

    Still got things to improve on but not high level issues. Just updating to new security regs and alterations but as a hole, we have a higher security ranking than most sites.



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    February 1, 2023 10:51 AM CST

    I can only imagine how difficult it has been, but I can also see the care from the regulators in the UK to work with you to help you produce the best practices environment for your website.  Honest and collaborative care makes all of the difference in building your website on the basis of fulfilling all of the regulation requirements while also offering great services with safety in mind.

    I don't think improvements never end, do they?  Congrats on your achievements!