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zoldos Ren Mainstream social media. Good lord. I refuse to ever use Facebook, twitter, reddit, Youtube, and others any longer. I do maintain a private Instagram for pics of my cats and silly selfies. But it's nothing serious.... Reddit banned me for no reason, and the rest can bugger off. hehe
3 hours ago

Techi Jedi New look in the forum. Might need see more changes with forum categories perhaps. Once our fearless leader gets on. :D
Aug 20

Mike Smith \ud83c\udf85\ud83c\udf85
May 3

Mikel Coreclark i like the new look. :D
Aug 28

Trinity Grace test
Apr 28

Shelley Siegel I’m having a Pampered Chef Party just in time for holiday baking. It’s been a really long time since I’ve partied Pampered Chef Style…. They have some great new products. Here is a direct link to the party
October 1, 2021