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[Tutorial] How to post a video on Friend's Realm.

  • How to add a video to Friend's Realm.

    Adding a video to Friend's Realm is really easy, you just need a link from where you are adding the video from.  To find the Video page, look at the top of your main navigation menu and see the tabs:  Home, Albums, Blogs, Chat, Forum, Groups, Invite, More.  When you see "More" click on "more" and Members, Polls and Videos will appear.  Click on Videos.

    You have arrived at the main Video Browse Page.  You have two options from where to post a video.

    In the middle of the screen shot, you will see the tabs; My videos and Post New Video near the Browse Videos. You can post a video from this tab/button "Post New Video".  You can also post a video from the Cover Photo (Picture with the popcorn and reel in it).  Take a look at the lower right hand corner of the Cover Photo and see the tab "Post New Video".  Either way to post a video from here works.  You can also post a video from the home page (see under the main menu) as a reminder there are some Quick Links added for your convenience.

    To post a video, you will fill out this short form.

    Answer the questions on the form.  The first question, "Choose Source", most of the time you will always answer, "external site" as most members post from Youtube, Rumble,  When you click on "external site", your form will slightly change and you will be asked to put in the Video Link (URL).  This is the share link you commonly find on websites.  Add this link and information that's attached to this link will populate for you automatically.

    I chose to add the song from the movie, Frozen.  When I swiped the share link from Youtube, and added the URL link, the information populated on my form.

    I have now completed uploading my video to share with other members.

    After you have verified that you have answered all of the questions in the form, click "Share Video".  This will only take you under a minute or two to do.  You will become a pro at uploading videos.