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Kirk VS. Picard

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Which Captain do you think was better? Vote below!
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  • Techi Jedi I prefer Picard over Kirk. All Kirk ever did was hit on women. Come on dude! Do something not so predictable. Plus there's the infamous three word pauses.
  • Web Diva STNG sure had the fine art of word smithing in their use of vocabulary that was very broad and as a "techi" myself, I enjoyed that part of it. Picard, with his British lilt and style did walk the walk of a more sophisticated captain rather...  more
  • Mikel Coreclark Interesting fact about Picard. Do you remember old original Battlestar Galactica... well in series 2 when they changed the lead characters. Well. Picard, he actually play a cylon in several episodes. True fact. example: The episode where starbuck is...  more
  • Web Diva Hi Mikel, OMG, I didn't know that about Patrick Stewart. I watched Battle Star Galactica. I still use the word "frack" to this day...lol!