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Star Trek or Star Wars

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Are you a trekkie or a Star Wars fan? A very highly debated subject among ScFy fans!
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  • Web Diva Both seriously, but if I had to really decide then I'm a true ST fan all the way. STNG too! Can't recall too much of DS9. Love all of the major ST and STNG movies. Can't say enough about how Stars Wars has been part of my life since the first movie...  more
  • Mikel Coreclark I can seriously fall asleep watching Star Trek... They dont seem to do much exploring do they. everywhere they go someone (other federation) has been there before them and they know everything already, so they only observe some effect that is pretty much pointless.
  • Web Diva Mikel ~ laughed at your observation of ST. My dh and I often referred to Next Gen as mostly drama!