Earth Stewardship » Conservation » Which has contributed the most to global climate change?

Which has contributed the most to global climate change?

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These answers are some of the most popular. After you answer, head over to learn more about causes of climate change:
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  • Web Diva I answered first before I went to your linkOut of all of your choices, I determined which entry would have the most impact on our earth and picked greenhouse gases. El Nino and La Nina, are relative and go from altering to neutral from year to year. ...  more
  • Web Diva Adding to my last comment - On Yellowstone park, if the super volcano erupted it would be the end. On Melting Ice, I'm glad scientists can now measure the activity of our polar ice caps and their rate of melting or freezing and have a good database to...  more
  • Web Diva On Aerosols, defiantly an issue, but I think environmentalists have made good progress in lowering the aerosol levels in the past 30 years. The sun and moon, defiantly affect many weather and temperature events on the earth. Sun spots, no sun spots,...  more